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I got back Monday from a fun-filled week at NAMM, where I looked at much music equipment and listened to lots of demos.

You can jump straight to the photos, or read about my trip below.

Particularly funny was one booth that had in large capital letters, "MADE IN CHINA BUT MADE BY KOREAN PEOPLE" (see the photo). I also tried out some apps like Guitar Rig 2 (which was pretty neat), and looked at the really cool G7th performance capo.

MAudio/Digidesign had some great artists performing in their small club-like room. Kelly Clarkson sang – although I didn't hear her, as I waited in line for the Goo Goo Dolls who were playing next. A one hour line wait got me into the private concert with ~100 other people.

During lunch one day several other new artists performed in front of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. One of these artists was Kaci Brown, who was surprisingly good – not only can she sing, play guitar and piano, but she also writes her own material... at the age of 17! [iTMS] Not really my favorite genre, though. I had actually been there to hear The Veronicas, who I had recently heard about (and purchased their album). They played a little later, as apparently the performance schedule was a little behind. It was well worth the wait though, as they sang extremely well. The fact that they're twins gives them a unique sound when singing together [iTMS].

Unfortunately I didn't get to hear Jean Baudin play his 11 string bass, due to some sort of disorganized play schedule at the AccuGroove booth (they make large speakers)... maybe next year.

I also got to demo some very expensive flutes ($5000 - $10,000). Unfortunately gold does sound better than solid silver, although according to various internet web sites, the better sounds are more apparently to the player (not sure if this is due to the player being more trained in hearing flute sounds, or because the additional harmonic frequencies are fairly weak and/or going in the wrong direction or something). Probably the best flute I played had a handmade 5K gold body with silver keys and an NRS-1 head joint. I didn't try anything more expensive from them though, which was probably a good idea. I also tried some flutes by Powell (which were more expensive and IMHO didn't play nearly as well as the Sankyo) and some by Muramatsu (which didn't have any headjoints available that were easy for me to play on). In fact, one Muramatsu flute had some sort of strange horizontal line running along the far edge. Anyway, because of my playing style, I couldn't get out anything lower than an F in the first or second register (which was a weird feeling). Something particularly funny that happened is when I visited the Gemeinhardt booth (they also make Sankyo), there were some Japanese people there who were looking for Sankyo flutes. The flutes were in fact located in a different viewing area in a suite at the Mariott Hotel, but the funny thing is that after much discussion about where they could find Sankyo flutes, they thanked the woman at the booth with a very fitting, "sank-yo-u very much."

Anyway, I suppose I should have posted while I was there. Next year, maybe. The photos I have were conveniently put together with the help of iPhoto + iWeb, so if you haven't seen them in action yet, see the photos!

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