Robert (hydroai) wrote,

SeaQuest DSV + Serenity

So at the end of December, the SciFi channel played a SeaQuest DSV marathon, which I conveniently recorded with my EyeTV. I was watching several episodes yesterday, and I noticed on thing in particular in an episode titled "Sympathy For the Deep." In this episode, people on a peace colony go insane. Now this isn't really anything out of the ordinary for a scifi tv show, but the interesting thing is that the peace colony is called Miranda. Now if you'll recall, this happens to also be the name of the planet in Serenity in which the reavers were created. In fact both SeaQuest and Serenity both have some sort of external method of trying to make the population peaceful, a method which ends up causing people to go nuts. Coincidence? Or is Joss Whedon somehow tied to SeaQuest DSV?
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It is also worth noting that in one episode of MacGyver, MacGyver falls asleep and dreams he's in the Old West, cowboys, gun fights, and all.

The name of that episode: Serenity
My son and I noticed the same thing when we watched the episode.
I have been trying to search for a connection, but all I have found is "UNIVERAL". Responsible for Seaquest and Serenity, as well as, Back to the Future(see Flying car on Beaumonde in Serenity!).
I was begining to think my son and I were just imagining this bit of info.
Thanks for noticing
wendell "delane" thacker
As it turns out, Joss Whedon named the planet after the character Miranda from The Tempest. One can only surmise that the similar naming is a reference to this play by Shakespeare.