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Trade Shows / 2006

Two journals is hard, because sometimes I'm not sure which one to post in. I should resolve this dilemma at some point...

So it looks like I'll be attending three trade shows in 2006. NAMM (National Association of Music Makers), Jan 19-22. This should be very exciting, as the general public is not admitted, and they usually have quite the array of famous musicians. WWDC (Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference), Jun 11-16. I'm just assuming I'll be going to most of this show, as it's great fun and not too far away from where I work/live. SIGGRAPH (ACM's Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics Conference), July 30 - Aug 3. Siggraph always has shiny stuff, and it's come to my attention that computer graphics is far more exciting than I originally anticipated.

I'd like to attend OOPSLA sometime, given the fact that there are some really good speakers there. Unfortunately I missed the Ralph Johnson year (he's apparently organizing OOPSLA this year), which would have made things more exciting – he's a pretty exciting lecturer; I took a class from him at UIUC. Although at that point, he had actually stopped giving a lot of the real lectures, and just played a video of him giving the lecture from some number of years past. That was a little annoying...

If anyone I know is attending any of these conferences, drop me line at robertchin at mac dot com, and we can meet up!

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